Need a Commercial General Contractor for an Office Construction Project in Charlotte, NC? Then You Need the Professionals at RSI Charlotte

Commercial General Contractor Charlotte NCIf your company is in need of a commercial general contractor in order to renovate an existing office space or build out a new space, then partnering with Relocation Strategies Charlotte (RSI Charlotte) is a wise decision. We can help businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding area receive the best results throughout the entire process, as we have the expertise necessary to facilitate every task to ensure the job is completed efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

After having your commercial broker negotiate the terms of your lease agreement to obtain tenant improvement funds, making sure those dollars are spent by your commercial general contractor with your best interests in mind is vital. That is where RSI Charlotte can certainly help. We have vast experience procuring the services required for office construction projects, so we have the knowledge to ensure that your commercial general contractor makes the best use of your available funds. Additionally, our project management specialists can oversee all of the work that is performed, helping ensure that individual tasks are completed on time so that the overall project remains on schedule.

Some of the specific tasks we can facilitate when serving as your project manager include:

  • Master schedule creation
  • Office space planning and design
  • Production of construction documents
  • Individual vendor selection and management
  • Office furniture procurement and installation
  • And more

While simply hiring a commercial general contractor may enable your office construction project to be completed, it won’t guarantee the best results. Make the smart choice to ensure your company receives top value in the project by partnering with RSI Charlotte. Contact us today for more information regarding the project management services we offer to businesses in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area.