Construction Project Management Services for Businesses in Charlotte, Columbia, Statesville & Other Cites in North Carolina, South Carolina & Beyond

Construction Project ManagementHiring a professional construction project management company to handle improvements to your new or existing office space can be an extremely smart decision, as the process of making sure a space meets the needs of your business can not only be difficult, but also extremely time consuming. At Relocation Strategies Charlotte (RSI Charlotte), we can alleviate this burden by fully managing your office construction project and ensuring that a space is conducive to your business’s daily operations. Companies in Columbia, SC, and other cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond can turn to us to fully manage their office construction projects, and can rest assured that we always work in the best interests of our clients to provide the most cost-effective solution possible.

Whether you need to modify an existing space because of expansion or contraction within your business, you are relocating to a new space and are making a leasehold improvement, or you are moving to another location and need to restore your old office space to its original condition based on the terms of your lease agreement, RSI Charlotte has the value engineering experience and expertise required to manage the process from start to finish. As a professional construction project management company, we can oversee the full production of construction documents needed to start and complete the project, secure and manage the general contractors and non-construction services required for the proposed project, and administer all vendor payments. Plus, with our years of experience as a construction project manager, we have the business savvy necessary to ensure you don’t overpay for vendor services, enabling to you to make the most of your office space build out with your landlord-provided, tenant-improvement funds and save on potential out-of-pocket expenses.

We have the expertise to handle construction project management for:

  • Restacking
  • Upfitting
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning

Contact RSI Charlotte if you are interested in learning more about the turnkey construction project management services we offer for businesses in Charlotte, Statesville, Spartanburg, Greensboro, Wilmington, Greenville, Charleston, Asheville, and all other cities throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and the rest of the U.S.