A Commercial Storage Option for Businesses Relocating in the Columbia, SC, Area

Commercial Storage Columbia SC

There are many different moving pieces during an office relocation project – so many, in fact, that it’s important that you hire an experienced move consultant to ensure that your move isn’t derailed by unexpected delays and costs. A necessity that is often overlooked during an office move is a secure commercial storage facility where office equipment and furniture can be housed until it’s decided if it will be needed at the new location. At Relocations Strategies, Inc. (RSI Charlotte), we have been overseeing complicated office relocations in the Columbia, South Carolina, area since 2006. We know how to provide the turnkey services needed to ensure a smooth transition for your company. When you put your trust in RSI Charlotte, our staff will take on every part of the process so your company can stay productive throughout.

Why Secure Commercial Storage is Important

Storage might not seem like an important part of what is likely an immense office relocation project, but having an option on standby could help keep your project on schedule. Whether you’re moving to a new office or renovating an existing one, you’re going to need a place to store equipment, furniture, and files while construction is underway. We can ensure that your items a transported in a secure manner and that a full inventory is kept at the secure storage location. When it’s time to bring everything to your new or remodeled office, we can ensure prompt delivery to keep the process moving. Additionally, we can provide a long-term storage option for items that aren’t needed at your office but you don’t want to part with.

If you’re a commercial general contractor, you also might be able to benefit from our commercial storage services. Unexpected delays can happen at any time, and a delivery of office furniture isn’t going to wait just because you’re not ready for it. That’s where we come in. We’ll provide an economical storage solution for you until you’re ready to have the items installed, allowing you to remain focused on the business at hand.

What We Can Provide

Providing a secure commercial storage option is just one small part of the project management services we offer. When you hire RSI Charlotte as your move manager, we will first perform a feasibility study to determine a realistic budget and set project schedules. We will also:

  • Help you find the perfect new office space for your growing company
  • Identify the construction and non-construction vendors needed to complete your project
  • Draft all construction and request-for-proposal paperwork
  • Assist with new office furniture procurement
  • Decommission your old office space

And, if needed, we can help with space planning and interior design to ensure that you are making the most productive use of the space in your new office.

Contact RSI Charlotte today to learn more about the commercial storage options and project management services we offer to businesses throughout the Columbia area. We’ll be happy to visit your office to answer any questions you have and discuss all of your project management needs.