Relocation Strategies Charlotte – A Dedicated, Professional Project Management Firm Serving Businesses in Charlotte, NC & Cities Nationwide

Relocation Strategies Charlotte NCRelocation Strategies Charlotte is a full-service project management firm offering professional business relocation services, office construction management services, and other services to companies in Charlotte, North Carolina, and all other cities nationwide. Our firm, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is certified nationally as a Women Business Enterprise, and we have a dedicated staff of expert project managers, account managers, and design professionals that have extensive experience overseeing a wide assortment of detailed projects for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

Throughout our years in operation, Relocation Strategies Charlotte has performed services for several well-known clients, including:

  • AT&T
  • The Democratic National Convention
  • Schleich North America
  • Charlotte Radiology
  • AAA Carolinas
  • Family Dollar
  • City of Charlotte
  • Mecklenburg County
  • And many more

On average, Relocation Strategies Charlotte is involved with the planning and management of 50 to 70 business relocations, approximately three dozen full office construction management projects, and more than 200 general projects per year. The professional services we offer to businesses in Charlotte, NC, and all other cities across the nation include:

To learn more about Relocation Strategies Charlotte and to find out how partnering with our firm can be widely beneficial for your business, contact us today. We proudly serve companies in Charlotte, North Carolina, and all other cities nationwide.

RSI Charlotte’s Direct Services & Proposed Subcontractors Statement:

We are RSI Charlotte and as an independent project management firm with the experience and expertise to plan and execute the most efficient and cost effective commercial relocations possible we are happy to introduce you to all our services. We understand and work with the sequencing of projects on a daily basis and understand where time and money can be saved for our client. We are familiar with the various vendor services needing involvement and know how to best purchase those services for you our client’s behalf. We are well suited for in-field crisis management and multi-discipline vendor management.
As a well-qualified and independent relocation project manager we can plan and execute our projects quicker, more cost-effectively and with fewer surprises then a client trying to piece things together on their own. RSI Charlotte project management staff offers a depth of resources with over 30 years’ experience in managing a diverse array of projects. We offer a non-biased approach to managing your project. We are not a direct supplier of any of moving services, general construction services, cabling/IT, office furniture or any other related services in which we govern solely on our client’s. This is what sets us apart from property management firms, simply put RSI Charlotte works directly for you our client not your landlord and our only interests lie in effectively managing your project in its entirety. This enables us to provide recommendations which are based on the projects’ and our clients’ best interest only. Project success, client satisfaction and professionalism of delivery are our ultimate goals.
Our greatest contribution to you our prospective client is to have you optimize as much of our project management services on your behalf aiding you and your team on this project deliverable. If you determine that you really only require a mover for this relocation project we will be happy to provide you with a proposal in costs but keep in mind we more than likely will not come in as your lowest cost provider when compared to other direct move estimates, but unlike a direct supplier comparative move estimate that you may receive outside of RSI Charlotte we will guarantee our number as defined in our proposal with our planning, defined scope and anticipated execution.