Storage Facilities for Companies Executing an Office Move in the Charleston, SC, Area

Storage Facilities Charleston SC

There are many issues to consider when executing an office move, including the need for a safe storage location for your company’s property that can’t immediately be moved into the new space. When you choose Relocation Strategies, Inc. (RSI Charlotte) as your relocation management firm, access to secure storage facilities is just one of the benefits you will receive. We can oversee your office move in the Charleston, South Carolina, area from start to finish and ensure that it is completed to your total satisfaction. Perhaps most importantly, we will take the responsibility off of your employees so their productivity won’t be affected.

Our Storage Options

RSI Charlotte offers commercial storage facilities that:

  • Are fully staffed, monitored, and clean
  • Utilize a complete furniture, fixture, and equipment inventory to accurately account for what is being stored
  • Offer several retrieval methods, including dock-to-dock pickup or our convenient delivery services

In addition to providing needed storage, our experts will manage every step of your relocation process to ensure that your goals and budget are met. We will conduct a feasibility study to establish real timelines and budgetary numbers, and also connect you with a real estate broker who can help you find the perfect office for your needs. Once you’ve selected a location, we will hire and manage all of the vendors needed to transform it into your new headquarters, and we will ensure that your furniture and equipment is installed just how you want it.

If you would like more details about the storage facilities we have available for companies that are completing an office move in the Charleston, SC, area, contact RSI Charlotte today.