Secure Commercial Storage for Businesses Undertaking Office Relocations in the Greensboro, NC, Area

Commercial Storage Greensboro NC

If your company is getting ready for an office move, you likely have a long checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished and arrangements that need to be made. One of the things you need to be prepared for is the storage of office furniture and equipment that won’t be making the initial move to your new space. Fortunately, when you hire Relocation Strategies, Inc. (RSI Charlotte) as your relocation project manager, we will provide a secure commercial storage option to ensure that all of your company’s items are safely tucked away until it’s time to have them delivered to your new office. We offer turnkey services that are designed to ensure your company’s office move in the Greensboro, North Carolina, area goes off without a hitch, and we can handle every aspect of the project so your employees can continue with business as usual throughout.

Our Storage Options

When your new office space is ready and the moving process begins, we will make sure that your surplus items are stored safely until they can be delivered to your office or liquidated. Our commercial storage facilities:

  • Are guarded, clean, and fully staffed
  • Have subdivided storage areas
  • Will keep a complete inventory of your items on file

And, if you decide your stored items are no longer necessary, RSI Charlotte can assist with their liquidation as well as the procurement of new office furniture and equipment.

Commercial Storage Needs for General Contractors

If you’re a commercial general contractor working on a new office space, RSI Charlotte can help you out of a bind when your project hits a snag. It’s not uncommon, during a large office renovation, for issues to arise that push back occupation deadlines. Unfortunately, when this occurs, you may end up receiving a delivery of new office furniture or equipment that you can’t install. Instead of scrambling to find a storage option, let RSI Charlotte assist. We can take the pressure off you so you can stay focused on finishing the office by providing a secure commercial storage solution. We will make sure that your items are transported to our local storage facility where they will be secure until you’re ready for installation. We’ll even provide a detailed furniture, fixture, and equipment inventory to ensure that everything is accounted for. And, once you’re prepared to receive the furniture, we will transport it to the office and we can even install it if you’d like. What’s more, we’ll be able to provide the storage you need at a better price than you would typically pay thanks to our long-standing partnerships with local storage providers.

RSI Charlotte can provide the commercial storage you need as part of our project management services. Contact us today and see for yourself why businesses in the Greensboro area look to us for all of their relocation needs.