An Experienced Full-Cycle Project Management Consultant Serving Companies in Raleigh, NC

Full-Cycle Project Management Raleigh NC

Is your company planning to renovate or expand its office space, or perhaps move to a larger office nearby? If so, you’re a perfect candidate for the full-cycle project management services offered by Relocation Strategies, Inc. We’ve been assisting companies throughout the Raleigh, North Carolina, area with their office renovation and relocation needs since 2006 and have the expertise needed to make sure that your project stays on track and doesn’t blow your budget. Our team of professionals will listen to your project goals and use their expertise to ensure they are met. We have a long list of local vendor contacts and will be able to avoid the pitfalls that can cause lengthy, expensive delays.

Our Services

One of the most important benefits of our full-cycle project management services is that your company will be able to continue normal business and avoid an expensive productivity brown-out. We will conduct an extensive feasibility study to determine real project costs and timelines, and we’ll hire and oversee the construction and non-construction vendors that best fit your needs. We’ll also:

  • Help with office furniture and equipment acquisition and liquidation
  • Handle all construction and proposal paperwork
  • Provide a secure storage option
  • Assist with interior design and space-planning
  • Ensure that your old office space is decommissioned properly (if you’re relocating)

Would you like to learn more about the full-cycle project management services we can provide for your Raleigh, NC, company? Contact Relocation Strategies, Inc. today to schedule a consultation.