Let Experienced Commercial Movers Handle Your Company’s Relocation in the Burlington, NC, Area

If your first inclination is that you can manage your company’s relocation to a new office space without the assistance of commercial movers, you may want to think again. There are many potential pitfalls that can arise during an office move, and all it takes is one delay to blow your budget and bring your company’s productivity to a grinding halt. If you want to ensure that your company’s move in the Burlington, North Carolina, area is completed seamlessly, look to Relocation Strategies, Inc. (RSI Charlotte). Our experienced staff has managed relocation projects for companies of all sizes and knows how to avoid the issues that can bring a project to a grinding halt. We also offer a wide array of services – including interior design, secure storage, and more – so your company doesn’t have to look elsewhere during its relocation.

What RSI Charlotte Can Provide

When you choose us as your commercial movers, our first step is to connect you with a real estate broker who can help you identify a new office space that fits your criteria. Then, we will perform a feasibility study to see if the new office meets your needs and fits your budget. We will also:

  • Handle the drafting of all documentation
  • Use our extensive contacts to find vendors who fit your budget and will provide the quality of work you deserve
  • Assist with the procurement of new office furniture
  • Oversee the transportation company that packs, transports, and assembles your office furniture and equipment
  • Hire vendors to decommission your old office space

Contact RSI Charlotte today and put your office relocation in the hands of the trusted commercial movers who have been assisting businesses in the Burlington area since 2006.