Setting the Standard for Office Moving Companies in Statesville, NC – Relocation Strategies

Office Moving Companies Statesville NCThere are many office moving companies in Statesville, North Carolina, but very few offer comprehensive project management services to handle all aspects of commercial relocation. And, the leader among that group is Relocation Strategies Charlotte (RSI Charlotte). We have the experience and expertise to assist with all phases of your office relocation; our project management professionals will assist you from start to finish, ensuring that all the moving parts work in sync for a successful completion.

Other office moving companies cannot begin to compare with the many services RSI Charlotte can offer. For example, we will:

  • Offer assistance to help you choose the appropriate carrier for your relocation needs, gathering estimates and providing you with comparisons so you can make an informed decision
  • Create and oversee a master schedule to ensure your project remains on time
  • Oversee any construction that is required to make your new office space in Statesville, NC, suitable for your needs, managing all phases of the construction project including procurement and supervision of all vendors
  • Arrange for storage or liquidation of unwanted items and purchase new furniture or equipment as necessary

As part of our services, we can provide you with a thorough analysis that will outline your project every step of the way, so you can have a clear picture of your project and all the elements it will entail.

For more information about the many benefits of choosing Relocation Strategies Charlotte to assist you with your commercial relocation project, contact us today. Find out for yourself what makes us rise above all the other office moving companies offering their services in Statesville, NC, and all surrounding areas.