Professional Corporate Relocation Services for Businesses In & Around Columbia, SC

Corporate Relocation Columbia SC

If you are preparing for a corporate relocation but don’t have experience with planning and executing a complex office move, let Relocation Strategies Charlotte (RSI Charlotte) help. Countless businesses throughout the Columbia, South Carolina, area have turned to us for assistance with office moves, and we can help ensure that your company is pleased with its relocation experience.

Whether your company is moving to a different floor of your current building, a newer office across town, or a new location in a different state, RSI Charlotte’s corporate relocation experts can help with every step of the process, including:

  • The identification of a commercial real estate broker who can help you find the perfect new home for your Columbia, SC, company
  • The hiring and management of all vendors for the project, including transportation providers, construction contractors, IT experts, electricians, and more
  • Design planning to allow for the best use of your new office space
  • The acquisition of any new furniture or equipment that is needed, as well as the liquidation of old items
  • The drafting of all necessary documentation, including RFPs and construction paperwork
  • Storage for any excess files or equipment during the move

Additionally, our corporate relocation staff will work with the landlord from your previous office to make sure that it is returned to its original condition before the keys are turned in.

Contact Relocation Strategies Charlotte today to learn why we are the trusted choice for corporate relocation services in the Columbia, SC, area.