Relocation & Construction Project Management Analysis for Businesses in the Burlington, NC, Area

Project Management Analysis Burlington NC

If your company is planning to move to a new office or is expanding its current space, a thorough project management analysis from Relocation Strategies, Inc. (RSI Charlotte) can help you determine if your new office is going to provide everything you’re hoping it will. We’ve been helping companies make informed decisions and complete seamless office moves to, from, and within the Burlington, North Carolina, area since 2006, and we offer a combination of service and experience that the competition can’t match.

What We Offer

When you put your trust in RSI Charlotte you can expect qualified professionals to oversee every aspect of your expansion or relocation. Our project management analysis services include performing a comprehensive feasibility study that offers:

  • A detailed master schedule covering all tasks that are needed
  • Actual budgetary numbers so you can make tough decisions ahead of time
  • A list of all vendors that will be needed to complete your project, both construction and non-construction

Once your project is underway, RSI Charlotte will select vendors that fit your needs and budget, draft all construction paperwork, provide space planning and design services, and much more. We can also help with the acquisition of office furniture and equipment, and we can provide a storage option for items that aren’t making the move to your new office.

If you would like more information about the project management analysis services we offer to businesses throughout the Burlington, NC, area, contact RSI Charlotte today.